We want all our puppy owners to be responsible and happy with their new family member. This information is not meant to offend anyone, but to educate prospective buyers about the characteristics, care and socialization skills required when considering a Miniature Schnauzer.


Marie Slattery of Marienhof Kennels (who imported the Miniature Schnauzers that are the foundation of almost every North American Mini) described Miniature Schnauzers as such:

"The small dog with the big personality, is a dog small in size, but in no way toyish or delicate. He should be built with the ruggedness and power of a draft horse, combined with the elegance and beauty of a thoroughbred. Alertness, fearlessness and adaptability to any circumstance or climate are amongst his chief characteristics."

Originally created as ratters, very few Minis now serve that purpose, having "graduated" to the status of "Companion", a purpose to which they are well suited.


Minis are adaptable to both city and country, house or apartment living. They are non-shedding (hence the frequent suggestion that they are a "hypoallergenic" breed). While they are given to headstrong tendencies, and can be vocal, minis are quick learners and proper training (we strongly recommend obedience classes) can make for a well behaved pet who is a joy to you and not the bane of your neighbors existence.

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