Meinkismah Pack Leaders
Tracy - graduated from Broadcasting before pursuing her love of animal husbandry, care and grooming. Tracy makes the decisions regarding who is bred whom, who stays, and who shows. She does the show grooming, as well as the 'modified' and punk styles. Tracy is responsible for the day to day care of all the dogs.
Donna - is a RN doing double duty as puppy Nana. Donna works with the pups to develop training and social skills.
Linda - is one of the Dog'S'Paw groomers who apprenticed here. She has been owned by a succession of Miniature Schnauzers.
Dr. Huigenbos DVM - The vet extraordinaire who keeps everyone healthy - While his pack status is honorary - we are forever grateful for his patience, mentoring and incredible skills.
Rebbecca - the newest member of our Pack leaders, Rebbecca is apprenticing as a groomer while bringing her own unique skills as a nail technician to the groom shop to 'give your dog the BLING!'