Puppy Selection 101


A few items to consider before your search begins

  • Consider cost (puppy, vet, crate, grooming, etc.)
  •  Are you prepared to make a lifetime commitment?
  • Do you have the time to spend on the puppy?
  • Who will be the primary caregiver?
  • Once the novelty wears off, will the dog be neglected?
  •  What is your lifestyle?
  • Pups have different energy levels, choose one suitable to your home. Is your home and family suited to a large breed or small breed?
  • What are your expectations from a pet?
  • Do you have other pets? Another pup? Never buy two puppies at the same time.
  •  Do you have a color preference?

Next, begin researching breeders and ask these questions to yourself

  • Is at least one of the parents available for inspection?
  • How many dogs are on the premises?
  • How do they behave? Are they groomed?
  • Will the breeder provide proof of genetic testing?
  • Are the puppies sold on non-breeding contracts? Are they CKC registered at the cost of the breeder?
  • What guarantee does the breeder offer?
  • Does the breeder show any dogs in competitions?
  • Is the breeder knowledgeable regarding the breed standard, problems with the breed, etc.
  • Do you feel as though you're getting a sales pitch?
  • Would you feel comfortable calling the breeder with questions or concerns after you take the puppy home?
  • Will the breeder allow you to inspect the kennel quarters?

Ask for help

  • Ask your selected breeder for help choosing the right puppy for you.
  • The puppy should be attentive, clean, with no signs of abnormal discharge.
  • The puppy should be friendly, not cowering or overly aggressive.
  • Make sure to get the puppy inspected by your vet as soon as you pick him/her up.
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